My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said about my real estate services...


Jean W:

I wish everyone who wants to buy or sell a house meets Norman Hathaway, because he was so professional, and also so personable and patient, while listening to my concerns about downsizing from over 3,000 sq ft to just over 1300 and a condo.  I could not have had a better real estate agent, and I welcome a call from anyone who is thinking of moving and wants any more info.  Thanks so much - Norm goes the extra mile.

Louise H:

Norman was invaluable to me when I bought my house.  He took the time to know my needs and really listened to what was important to me. I had a clear sense that he understood what I wanted and he found the right home for me. I enjoyed house-hunting with him and he was helpful and very clear about the financial side of things. He put me in touch with people that were useful in terms of assessing the house, getting a mortgage and a great real estate lawyer. I bought my house in October 2010 and it was a crazy time and every offer involved a bidding war. It was stressful and Norman supported me through the whole process and if I buy another house I will definitely ask him to be my agent again.

Soomy K:

I contacted Norman last year about one of his listings. The house wasn’t the right fit for me but I ended up meeting the realtor who, I was convinced, would someday help me find ‘the one’.

Norm met with my family and we spent a couple weekends looking at homes. I ultimately decided to put my search on hold. I informed Norm of my decision and I felt not an ounce of ill-will. I expected that I’d be made to feel guilty for wasting his time and effort. On the contrary, he understood and appreciated my reasons for halting the search. I knew he would be that person I’d be calling on when I resumed my house hunt.

During this hiatus, my neighbours met with another agent and (unfortunately) gave my contact info to him. From the very next day, that agent hounded me constantly, even though I said that I didn’t need his services. Till today, I get emails and phone calls.

This unfortunate incident made me appreciate Norm on a whole different level! He understood and respected my need for time.  He will be my realtor till the day I buy my last home and I would recommend him to anyone I know. He recognizes that the home buying decision is one of the most important of anyone’s life. I’m the one with the big decision to make. I’m the one who has to live in this house for years to come. He just gets it!!!

Norm, thank you a million times over!!


Scott and Rebecca:

We had the pleasure of selling our house in Brampton with Norman and Anita in early 2017. Their expertise shines through in every step of the process. They conveyed their understanding of the market so we could set the most strategic price.  They accommodated the fact that we were often out of province, reducing our stress as we always felt our property was in good hands. They were always reachable and communicative. They handled prospective buyers on offer night with precision and grace. And it all resulted in results beyond our expectations. Our biggest regret in the process is moving out of province and missing out on their stellar care and work. Thank you again, Norman and Anita!  


Michael Z:

My experience.

From the first meeting until the closing we have felt with certainty Anita and Norman have put us first, above all else.  

Anita brought her own personal items to help stage the house, her ideas were amazing and accurate. Norman helped organize the whole preparation including utilizing his wide range of  contacts, painters etc. to complete the process. Their suggestions on the sale price, the offer process and the closing were all in our best interest and that is a very comforting feeling as a seller. Never once did they say they were not available and physically helped in every aspect of the process sacrificing their own schedules. We felt like their only concern and that is very rare in this business. My recommendation  for any of my friends and family is to use Anita and Norman for any real estate transaction!